Valentine’s Day with Johnny Mathis and the Baton Rouge Symphony

For the fourth year, I was asked by Diane Tate of the Baton Rouge Symphony to create a set of custom thank you notes for their annual fundraising concert. Each year, legendary performers join the symphony to create a magical night of entertainment to raise funds arts programming. Participating in my small way in these events is special to me because I am passionate about arts and music education and I feel that it is especially important to maintain and continue the musical culture and legacy of my home region.

This year’s concert featured Johnny Mathis who is best known for his contributions to the American songbook and for his classic Christmas albums. His velvety smooth voice has entranced audiences for years and it was truly an honor to create Diane’s thank you notes for this event.

The Design Process

Admittedly, this project started off a bit complicated for me. I thought about it a lot. No seriously, a lot. I discussed it with my friends and anyone who would listen. I couldn’t focus on an idea. I looked through papers and colors to get a jolt of inspiration. I knew exactly what I wanted the cards to feel like emotionally but couldn’t settle on a look. Because the show was on Valentine’s Day and because they would be sent to both Mr. Mathis and the benefactors of the show, I wanted them to be lovely without being romantic and sexy without being sexual. Mind you, when I told this to my friends, the overwhelming response was: “huh?” However, it made total sense to me.  Finally, I spent one afternoon reading through the lyrics of every song in the Johnny Mathis discography and came across one specific lyric that wouldn’t leave my mind.

Chances are you believe the stars that fill the skies are in my eyes.

This lyric was my eureka moment because I knew just the perfect paper to bring it to life.

2015-01-12 11.59.53-1

I loved that this paper, handmade in India of recycled materials, looked like a starry sky. I also really love how the stars catch the light and twinkle. It’s gorgeous. And it was perfect

So, now that I had the paper that would line the envelopes and inform the design, I selected a blush pink envelope to represent the romance of Valentine’s Day. A red envelope would have sent this card straight into 4th of July territory which was a big concern for me. Pink was a perfect choice.

One thing I know for sure when designing for Diane Tate, these cards will be used. Therefore, it allowed me to adhere to my design aesthetic of simple, clean, and elegant. I believe good stationery showcases the written word more than the design itself.

Johnny Mathis Thank You Notes

Ultimately, I’m happy with the end result. They are as lovely as I’d imagined and appropriate for the event. Mrs. Tate loved them and that made me the most happy. I hope I’m privileged to work with her next year as well.

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