Thought of the day: What You Repeat, You Believe

What You Repeat, You Believe

Write Robinson 9-14-15

As I’ve told you before, I’m completely hooked on Periscope and you know that one of my favorite scopers is Stephen Lovegrove. The very first time I watched Stephen, he responded to a troll in a way that has changed me. When a rude person tried to disrupt his flow, he calmly responded, “Your negative energy is not welcome in this space.” Then he blocked them from participating without missing a beat. It was amazing. He didn’t dwell and he kept going with his topic. At that point, I was nervous every about doing my first broadcast (to be clear, I’ve done six now and I’m still nervous before each one). Periscope brought out many of my fears and dealing with internet trolls was high on the list. I remembered Stephen’s words and I started to repeat them over and over. I wanted to get comfortable saying them so that it would seem natural when someone tried to disrupt my broadcasts. I practiced different ways of saying it like I was Meryl Streep preparing for my next Oscar winning role. But something happened along the way. The more I practiced saying, “Your negative energy is not welcome in this space,”the more it became about me and my internal radio and less about internet trolls. When negative thoughts began playing in my head, I could hear myself saying that they were not welcome in my space. What I learned through repeating that one phrase over and over was that I can’t expect other people to respect the sanctity of my space until I started to respect it myself. I could not become truly confident in myself if I allowed the radio in my head to get stuck on the “You Aren’t Good Enough” channel. Am I completely reformed? No. But I recognize it and I’m changing it. There’s a finite amount of space and time and I have no room, nor any tolerance for negativity, especially if the negativity comes from me and is directed towards me.