Thought of the Day: Support the Supporters

Your Supporters Far Outnumber Your Haters

Write Robinson 9-16-15

Thanks to the memories feature on Facebook, I was reminded that on this day, in 2010, I posted, “I am comforted by the fact that there are more people in this world rooting for me to succeed than there are hoping I fail.” Five years later, I know for a fact that statement is still true and I know for a fact that the number of supporters has grown. Lately it seems that everywhere I look, someone is talking about their “haters.” They pontificate on and on about how much they don’t care about their haters, about how “haters gonna hate,” about how by virtue of having haters, it means they’re doing something right. What I say to that is…bullshit. Focusing on haters is a sign of insecurity. Why are you trying to prove yourself to someone who doesn’t appreciate you or what you offer? That’s ego. What you focus on grows and if you believe that everyone is hating on you, that is exactly how you will interpret everyone’s motivations. I focus on the knowledge that more people want me to succeed. They want to see me do my best. They want me to show up with my best self and they celebrate sincerely when I do. I look into the world and see cheerleaders, not haters. Does every single person agree with every single decision I make or like every single one of my designs? Hell no. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want me to win. Focus on the people who support you. Focus on the people who are waiting in line to give you a high five. Focus on the people whose eyes light up and whose voices are hoarse for shouting your praises. Support the people who support you. I promise you will be surrounded by so much love that hate has no way to get in.