Thought of the Day: My Dream Doesn’t Have to Be Our Dream

We all have dreams. Some are small and some are huge but they are all our own. Its wonderful to have the full support of family and friends. It feels good when the people we love are excited about our dreams. But the truth is that it’s okay when our dreams aren’t everybody’s dreams. Sometimes believing in a dream means being the only person who believes. That is okay. Everybody doesn’t have to believe because everybody isn’t working at our dreams like we are. Everybody isn’t striving for our dreams like we are. Everybody is on their own path. At the end of the day, we must be grateful for the people who do understand and who do support and for those that don’t, let it be. Maybe they’ll come around. Maybe they won’t. But no one person or group of people should be given the power to stop us from pursuing what’s in our hearts.

Write Robinson 10-6-15