Thought of the Day: Make Time for Creation Time

Write Robinson 9-28-15

Whenever my four year old niece does anything art related from simple crayola drawings to organized craft projects, she calls it creation time. I fell in love with that term so now I use it too. Yesterday, we had a full afternoon of creation time. We made decoupaged picture frames and she drew fashion illustrations, as best a four year old can of course. It was wonderful and exactly the stress reliever I needed after a long week of work. Creation time allows me to play and work out new ideas while simultaneously teaching her crafts that I know. In this digital world of touch screens and video games, it’s nice to have a kid who is equally as excited about putting pen to paper. Her five year old brother, the self-proclaimed “glue stick master,” constantly impresses me with his mastery of color combinations. Some of his drawings may see themselves on stationery lines I’m working on now. As much as I can teach them, they inspire me. So make time for creation time. Get a hobby. Learn a new craft or DIY project. Turn off the tv and tune out the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect. Creation time isn’t for perfection. There are no creation time mistakes.