Thought of the Day: Figure It Out

Figure It Out

I grew up around people who didn’t necessarily cater to children. I am in no way saying myself or my brother or my cousins weren’t loved. We were loved immensely. But, we were not catered to. Adults didn’t fawn over us and solve our every problem and never let us do things for ourselves. Many many times, when we asked for help, the response would be, “You’re smart. Figure it out.” It wasn’t until we’d at least tried to solve the problem, or complete the task, even for the most minor of things, that an adult would step in and show us how it was done or show us a better way. This history has been a blessing and a curse in my adult life. The curse is that it is often difficult for me to ask for help. The blessings, however, come in that I am not fearful of trying different methods or learning different techniques to get the job done. So many times we mentally quit before really trying. Don’t you hate it when a person asks you to give them an answer to a question they could have easily found out on their own? I do. Today, if you have a challenging conundrum, take the time to figure it out on your own. You are smart. Research, try different ideas, do something. And then if you fail, reach out. There is no shame is trying and failing. At least then when you reach out for help, you already know the ways that didn’t work for you and you can save both yourself and the person helping you lots of time.

Write Robinson 9-17-15