Thought of Day: What If You Say Yes?

Write Robinson 10-5-15

The 4 year old and I were having more creation time when she asked me if she could use the huge tub of glue by herself. She asked me, “What if you let me do it by myself?” I responded, “What if I say no?” And immediately countered with, “Oh but what if you said yes?” Ultimately, I did not let her use the glue. But the question lingered, “What if you said yes?” I asked myself that question well into the night. I thought about all the things that I say no to out of fear or an over-abundance of caution or because it’s easy to remain in my comfort zone. What’s the worst that could happen if I just allowed myself to say yes? The biggest thing I allowed myself to say yes to was following my stationery dream. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been worth it every single day that I get to do what I love. I’d say yes all over again because even on the bad days, it’s still the best decision I ever made.