The Cobbler is making her own shoes

First let me state the obvious: I love paper. I love stationery.

I’ve dedicated my life to creating beautiful stationery for other people. I find joy in knowing that people love my work. Every time a package ships, I get giddy with excitement for the person receiving it and for all the recipients of the notes they will write. What I haven’t done in far too long is create a set of notes for myself.

I’m constantly surrounded by stationery. But, I must be honest and admit that I don’t write nearly as many personal notes as I advocate or that I should. I have become the cobbler with no shoes. I write notes all the time. I include a personal note inside every package that leaves my studio. I’m truly grateful for everyone who chooses Write Robinson  so I must acknowledge that gratitude personally. Unfortunately, I have neglected my personal friends and loved ones for far too long.

As this year winds to an end and I begin to fully evaluate this business and my life, I have decided to practice what I preach. This weekend I began working on a design for my Happy New Year cards and I developed a rather large list of recipients. The process taught me two things: 1) I know how my clients feel trying to select items that truly represent them; and 2) I am my own worst client! But it renewed my excitement for the creative process. And I can’t wait to show you all the final result. They are under wraps until all stamps are on and they’re in the mail.

In the end, I want this process and the march towards 2013 to be about reflection and progression. I’m the cobbler of stationery. And I am making my own shoes.

Let’s all start practicing what we preach!

All my best,