Common Sense and Coffee – Book by Angel Robinson

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Common Sense and Coffee by Angel Robinson

Have you ever wished that you could write down all the pearls of wisdom you remember from your parents or your friends or even your favorite television character? Every morning, Angel Robinson writes in her journals while savoring her beloved New Orleans coffee and chicory. These writings are interspersed with stories from her own life, mainly from her mother (and of unwitting, but supportive friends). Common sense and coffee is a compilation of her fifty favorite journal entries. These lessons are the foundation of her positive outlook on life, her resilience, and her wicked sense of humor.

We all have favorite sayings that are a part of our emotional language. Perhaps there’s something your grandmother used to say all the time or your best friend dropped a pearl of wisdom or you heard a movie quote that stuck with you. Wherever they come from, the words of life become stuck in our heads and become the things we find ourselves repeating to others. The author’s personal favorite: Complaining is not a strategy.

Read this book while drinking your favorite coffee and come ready to laugh, think, and reminisce about your own common sense lessons.