Oh how I love Pink!

Pink Tulip

Amongst my friends, I haven’t always had the reputation of being a girly girl.  I’m still not the most girly of them.  I can appreciate a good leather couch; I love the look of English libraries and man parlors with their tin ceilings, green walls and massive desks.  Done well, meaning elevated above black lacquer,  a black leather couch, and a big screen tv, I can appreciate a well-designed bachelor pad.  When the stilletto first became all the rage, my favorite shoes were a well worn pair of suede Hush Puppies.

Secretly though, I’ve always loved pink.  Pink is the ultimate in girly colors.  In my “I’m a strong business woman” mindset of a few years back, I hid my love for the color. I thought it made me seem weak.  Anyone who reads Pink Magazine, like I do, knows that pink is not a weak business color. Besides, anyone who has ever been to my house, can attest to my love of the color blue.  But, there’s just something about pink tat makes me happy.  Something about pink makes feel alive.

Growing older and, hopefully, wiser has made me come to realize and accept my pink love.  When I bought my house, I knew I would paint my home office pink.  I did. I loved it, except that a few weeks ago I moved my office into a cool grey room and the pink room is now a guest room.  I can’t wait until my brother comes to visit and has to sleep in there!

So, I’m playing around on the internet today and I come across this photo of a pink flower and it made me fall in love with the color all over again.  This pink calmed me and for a minute made me forget that I was actually working a beautiful Saturday in fall.