Merging Cultures in the home and in the Stationery

Brazil Cards 2.1

A few months ago, I was contacted via twitter by a friend of a newly married couple. She wanted to give them stationery to celebrate their marriage. The couple is a cultural blend of South America and Asia and she wanted the cards to be evocative of their Brazilian and Chinese heritages. To be clear, from the beginning we both didn’t want the inspiration to be overly obvious. There would be no country flags on the cards. However, I did use the colors of each country’s flag as the foundation for initial story of the cards.

I knew that I wanted the envelopes to be yellow. I loved that bright color from the Brazilian flag. Also, because red and gold are important colors in Chinese culture, the liner was perfect. Actually, the client spotted it on my Diana Ross cards from a few years back and we both knew it was perfect for this project too. I was so glad it was still available!

I’m extremely proud of the finished product. The cultural references are subtle, yet meaningful to the couple (I’m told they LOVED them!). The colors are vibrant and fun, perfect for newlyweds. Congratulations Thomas and Angela! best wishes for a long and happy marriage and good stationery always.