Introducing the New Copper Accented Lillian Pen!

Hello! My name is Lillian.

Lillian Copper Pen

Developing pens for Write Robinson has been an exciting creative process and today I’m incredibly excited to formally introduce the newest pen in the collection. I call her Lillian. Like the gemstone pen with preceded her, Lillian is handmade by skilled craftsman Jeff Hornung of The Walnut Log Studios. The Lillian pen, also like the gemstone pen, is constructed of pearl acrylic. The body appears to glow from the inside. Paired with copper fittings, this pen is perfect for formal writing and for casual, daily use, from love notes to grocery lists.

Write Robinson Pen CollectionThe gemstone and Lillian pens are chic and stylish and are perfectly Write Robinson style: Simple, Pretty, and Elegant. I am proud to have them in the shop and proud of the hard work that went into creating them. They are not only perfect for your go-to pen, but also make perfect gifts (along with stationery, of course) for the special people in your life.

Lillian Copper Handmade Pen

Order now for Mother’s Day!