How and Why to Write a Postcard

I recently designed postcards for a leadership training workshop. The organizers were happy and said the cards were a hit. Unfortunately, they were surprised when many of the recipients had no idea how to properly prepare a postcard for the mail. Admittedly, I was surprised too. I’m painfully aware that the vast majority of people don’t regularly use snail mail for personal correspondence anymore.  But, have I been remiss in my belief that even if folks don’t send mail, they at least know how to do it when necessary?

Well, I for one, LOVE postcards and if you do too, here’s how to fill one out.

Including your own address (city and town only) are optional on a postcard.

Now that you can see how to fill it out, we can discuss when to send a postcard.  Here are three occasions:

1. Vacation

While on vacation, it’s nice to send a postcard to friends and family back home to share with them the fantastic time you’re having or all the beautiful scenery you’re seeing. Postcards enable your loved ones to share a piece of your vacation joy.

2. Words of Encouragement

Sometimes a friend needs to hear a kind word or have a reminder of how great they are. A postcard is a perfect way to send a short and sweet, “I think you’re great” or “You can do it!”

It doesn’t take much to show a friend how much you care.

3. Thank You

I believe in the thank you note. But sometimes, in the absence of a full note, it’s best to send a thank you postcard. It’s quick and easy. And it gets the main point of gratitude across.  Just say thank you. Gratitude is all that matters.

Sending a postcard is fun, easy and convenient. Your friends and family will love them and they are so much easier to tack on the refrigerator than a text message.