Holiday Stationery Inspiration

In a few days, I unveil my first holiday collection.  I’m incredibly excited.  Memories of my hometown and and its beautiful architecture were the primary inspiration.  I have always loved beautiful wrought iron.  Of course the balconies of the French Quarter are the most famous, but my most fond memories are of the fences in neighborhoods and the iron posts on the front porch of my childhood home.  They are strong, yet graceful.  They are the epitome of simple and elegant: simple because they serve a structural function and elegant because they do it in such a stylish way.  Simple elegance is the foundation of my design aesthetic.

There are no snowmen and snowflakes in my Christmas.  New Orleans stays green all year round.  My first office downtown overlooked Lafayette Square Park.  Looking out the window, I couldn’t tell if it were December or July because the trees stayed green constantly.

My holiday collection is simple, clean, and elegant.  It reflects my love of stylish wrought iron scrolls combined with traditional holiday colors.  I can’t wait to show it off.  It’s the love of my home shown through my love of beautiful paper for you to show your love at holiday time.