Designing for #DesignLux: Notes for the Best Chat on Twitter

Every week on Thursday at 3pm (CST), DcoopMedia’s Brandon Smith coordinates and hosts one of the most wildly popular chats on twitter, #DesignLux. Each week, participants engage in lively conversation focused on a selected topic all around adding luxury to their lives. I was delighted to have been asked to tailor my Tweet Me Later cards to coordinate with the DcoopMedia brand. Instead of the usual twitter handle, DcoopMedia wanted to use the the hashtag of the chat for their cards, an idea which I loved. I’ve done other hashtag cards before so I was happy to accommodate.

photo courtesy of Brandon Smith

photo courtesy of Brandon Smith

To align with company branding, I changed the color scheme from grey and blue, to the DcoopMedia signature black and red. I also changed the envelopes from white cotton to red. The strong color will definitely get noticed when mixed in with a pile of mail! The note cards were printed on crisp, white linen stock.

I’m elated that Brandon loved his cards. The best part was finding out that he’d already written notes on half of them the day after receiving them! There’s nothing like seeing the power of handwritten notes in action.

Business owners, take a page from DcoopMedia and write notes to connect with your most loyal clients and customers. The extra effort will show your commitment to providing the best service and products you can.