Custom Stationery: Professional Pink in Marble and Cotton

Custom Stationery Pink Marbled Paper Professional Woman

Custom Stationery Pink Marbled Lined EnvelopesI have shared before that I love receiving mail from my clients. The note I received yesterday was special for a number of reasons. First, I absolutely adored working with Ms. Blanding. Secondly, her favorite color is pink which I also unapologetically favor. Third, she wanted to use pink for her professional, social correspondence. How could I love this woman more? And finally, her words came to me at a time when I needed to hear them. It’s amazing knowing the work you do, that is special to to you, is meaningful to others as well. So for that, Avonette, thank you.

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Details: A2 flat note printed on luxe Savoy cotton accompanied by blush pink cotton envelopes lined with handmade Bengali marbled paper in hot  pink.

In the end, these cards prove that pink is a power color. Professional stationery doesn’t have to be blue, black, or grey. It is possible to reflect your femininity and personal style in whatever color you choose.

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